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MkDocs is a great way to host a simple, static website. This website uses Material for MkDocs. Material for MkDocs is a theme for MkDocs, a static site generator geared towards (technical) project documentation.

Use docker or python to quickly create and host a static website.


git clone # clone repo
cd # Go to main folder
docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 -v ${PWD}:/docs squidfunk/mkdocs-material # run the container


Run this once to install all requirements:

choco install -y python
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install mkdocs
pip install mkdocs-material

Run this in the folder of the mkdocs.yml file to host the mkdocs page:

mkdocs serve

Currently Mkdocs does not yet support 3.9.x. This may change soon and be outdated, however the general problem of having different python versions installed may still be relevant. To solve the problem, download and install the latest supported python version e.g. 3.8.x.

In case you have multiple python versions installed (like me) you need to explicitly mention to use 3.8.x! Run py ÔÇôlist to get your 3.8.x version. Mine is -3.8-64; your version may vary. Run this to install the mkdocs dependencies:

py -3.8-64 -m pip install --upgrade pip --user
py -3.8-64 -m pip install mkdocs
py -3.8-64 -m pip install --upgrade mkdocs-material

Then run this in the main folder with mkdocs.yml file

py -3.8-64 -m mkdocs serve