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Translate Excel Formaulas form one language to another.


Find double entries

=WENN(VERGLEICH(A1;A:A;0)=ZEILE();"Einfacher Eintrag";"Mehrere Einträge")
=IF(MATCH(A1;A:A;0)=ROW();"Single entry";"Multiple entries")

Create a Sierpinski triangle

Add "1" in field "V1" and copy the formula down and to the sides:


Extract first name from email:


Extract last name from email:


Extract full name from email:

=WECHSELN((LINKS(A1;FINDEN("@";A1)-1));".";" ")
=SUBSTITUTE((LEFT(A1,FIND("@",A1)-1)),"."," ")


Define number format

Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0_ ;-#,##0 "

Turn off aAlerts

Application.DisplayAlerts = False



Chart Trendline Formulas

When you add a trendline to a chart, Excel provides an option to display the trendline equation in the chart. This tip describes how to create formulas that generate the trendline coefficients. You can then use these formulas to calculate predicted y values for give values of x. These equations assume that your sheet has two named ranges: x and y.

Linear Trendline

Equation: y = m * x + b
m: =SLOPE(y,x)
b: =INTERCEPT(y,x)

Logarithmic Trendline

Equation: y = (c * LN(x)) + b
c: =INDEX(LINEST(y,LN(x)),1)
b: =INDEX(LINEST(y,LN(x)),1,2)

Power Trendline

Equation: y=c*x^b
c: =EXP(INDEX(LINEST(LN(y),LN(x),,),1,2))
b: =INDEX(LINEST(LN(y),LN(x),,),1)

Exponential Trendline

Equation: y = c *e ^(b * x)
c: =EXP(INDEX(LINEST(LN(y),x),1,2))
b: =INDEX(LINEST(LN(y),x),1)

2nd Order Polynomial Trendline

Equation: y = (c2 * x^2) + (c1 * x ^1) + b
c2: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2}),1)
C1: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2}),1,2)
b = =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2}),1,3)

3rd Order Polynomial Trendline

Equation: y = (c3 * x^3) + (c2 * x^2) + (c1 * x^1) + b
c3: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2,3}),1)
c2: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2,3}),1,2)
C1: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2,3}),1,3)
b: =INDEX(LINEST(y,x^{1,2,3}),1,4)