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Sort Information

Obviously there are many approaches to this. I will explain how I sort information of relevance to me and hopefully some methods are interesting to you or help decide how to approach the topic so it works best for you.

My tooling and methods have changed over time and I expect them to change in future. Hopefully I will remember to update this page if I do so. My current approach focuses on two main things: clear text and the right tool/place/format to store the information so I can easily use it when needed. Here is an overview of different clear-text information and where I store it:

  • Blog/Doku: Mkdocs -> Repo
  • Notes: Logseq, Joplin, Obsidian -> DAV Sync
  • Code Examples: Jupyter Notebooks -> Repo
  • Code: Repo / Gist -> Repo
  • Snippets: VSCode Snippets -> Repo
  • One-liner: Navi -> Repo