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Power user


Download Files

Destination Tool Comment
Videos yt-dlp
Torrents qbittorrent
Gallery gallery-dl
Files wget

Copy Files

There are many ways to copy files. Currently the best way for me (depending on source and destiation) are the following (assuming source is my computer):

Destination Tool Comment
Cloud rclone Encryption possible, no client needed, many vendors supported
Local drive/NAS RoboCopy Already installed, has sync option, works.
SFTP/WebDAV WinSCP Scripting possible using
Sync Syncthing Use SyncTrayzor for GUI and sync files via peer-to-peer.
Backup Restic Good for regular backups. Uses rclone in the backend.

Convert Files

Destination Tool Comment
Text Pandoc
Video FFmpeg
Audio FFmpeg
Pictures ImageMagick
eBooks Calibre