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Azure Strings

Helpful strings needed from time to time


Overview of regions in azure and their official short name.

Continent Country Name Location Short Name Short Name (Country First)
Africa South Africa North southafricanorth sfno sfno
Africa South Africa West southafricawest sfwe sfwe
Asia East Asia eastasia eaas asea
Asia Southeast Asia southeastasia seas assoea
Asia Japan Japan West japanwest jawe jawe
Asia Japan Japan East japaneast jaea jaea
Asia India South India southindia soin inso
Asia India Central India centralindia cnin incn
Asia India West India westindia wein inwe
Asia Korea Korea Central koreacentral krcn krcn
Asia Korea Korea South koreasouth krso krso
Asia United Arab Emirates UAE Central uaecentral aecn aecn
Asia United Arab Emirates UAE North uaenorth aeno aeno
Australia Australia Australia East australiaeast auea auea
Australia Australia Australia Southeast australiasoutheast ause ause
Australia Australia Australia Central australiacentral aucn aucn
Australia Australia Australia Central 2 australiacentral2 aucn2 aucn3
Europe North Europe northeurope noeu euno
Europe West Europe westeurope weeu euwe
Europe United Kingdom UK South uksouth ukso ukso
Europe United Kingdom UK West ukwest ukwe ukwe
Europe France France Central francecentral frcn frcn
Europe France France South francesouth frso frso
Europe Swizterland Switzerland North switzerlandnorth chno chno
Europe Swizterland Switzerland West switzerlandwest chwe chwe
Europe Germany Germany North germanynorth deno deno
Europe Germany Germany West Central germanywestcentral dewecn dewecn
Europe Norway Norway West norwaywest nowe nowe
Europe Norway Norway East norwayeast noea noea
North America United States Central US centralus cnus uscn
North America United States East US eastus eaus usea
North America United States East US 2 eastus2 eaus2 usea2
North America United States West US westus weus uswe
North America United States North Central US northcentralus nocnus usnocn
North America United States South Central US southcentralus socnus ussocn
North America Central America Canada Central canadacentral cacn cacn
North America Central America Canada East canadaeast caea caea
North America United States West Central US westcentralus wecnus uswecn
North America United States West US 2 westus2 weus2 uswe2
South America Brazil Brazil South brazilsouth brso brso
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