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This is an overview of the things I made and don't fit into a more specific category.


Image Link
battery A variation of different creates to sort my AA, AAA, 9V, cell and random batteries
beer-bike Does life get any better than drinking a warm and shaken can beer after a good downhill ride?
billybass This fish is my best friend.
bird-house In bird culture this would considered a pro move.
bottles Bottle upgrades
boulderbag boulder bag experiments
cake The cake is real.
cup Cup upgrades.
dicemosaic A picture made with dice. Basically ASCII art but instead of chars i used dice.
easter Just some random stuff for easter.
escher-tessellation Random usages of escher tessellation
flask My first metal engraving using a special engraving spray. Way better results!
hoerbert My own Hörbert Case build using purchased electronics by Hörbert
keyboard I press buttons all day - why not have fun, right?
lego Things I built with Lego that are not officially by Lego
pencil-box Sorting pencils and other stuff...
phone-holder These things don't stand by them selves...
strandbeest Building my strandbeest based on a purchased kit.
whiskey-git A nice guitar that has more to offer.