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Super Mario World Widescreen HD

To play "Super Mario World" on SNES in Widescreen (16:9) do the following:

  • Get ROM "Super Mario World (USA)"
  • Get Vitor's Super Mario World widescreen patch
  • Run FLIPS and click "Apply patch".
  • Pick Vitor's Super Mario World widescreen patch.
  • Select the "Super Mario World (USA)" ROM and give the new ROM a name e.g. "smw-widescreen.sfc".
  • Note that .bso and .smc must have the same name and are in the same folder!
  • Run bsnes-hd and open the pathed ROM.
  • Use settings menu to optimize image quality.

ROM Hacks

To futher mod the ROM you can use these tools:

Useful documents for understanding SA-1: