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First recorded Zocki event happened in 9.9.2019.


Games that work in crossplay between PlayStation and PC and have been played sofar :

  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • RocketLeague
  • Brawlhalla


The Zocki-Ten-Fight is an epic battle over 10 switch games over who is the best player today.

All games chosen worthy for this event support a 4 player local couch competitive mode.

Scoring per round works as follows:

Place Score
1 4
2 2
3 1
4 0


Currently we play the following games in these settings:

Game Settings
Akuto Showdown Multiplayer -> Survival, 3 Rounds, 5 Lives, Start Weapon = Staff, No Ranged Weapon -> no bots -> All Random Maps
Astro Bears Party->4Player->40Points->Big Planet->Finite Ribbon
SpeedRunners Versus->Offline->Create Game->Random Map (3 Wins)
Flat Heros Versus -> 3 games: zones, battle, runner (winner aus 3 games total)
Roof Rage Local Rooftops -> Stock Match -> Stock: 5 -> HP: 200
Wand Wars Versus -> hexout, 21 wins, merlins rules -> Random map
Tricky Towers Local Battle
Brawlhalla Custum -> Create Room -> Private Room -> Custom Online: Stock: Teams=off, Lives=10, Match=10, Damage=100%, All On
Puyo Puyo Tetris Muliplayer Arcade -> Single Screen -> Versus -> 4 Player -> Win Count = 2, Harddrop = ON, Hold = ON
Mario Kart 8 4P -> vs race -> 150cc -> No Teams, Normal Items, No CPU, all Verhicles, Random random map, 4 Races

Match Table

Game J0n4s M4r10 Chr1$ F4b1
Akuto Showdown
Astro Bears
Flat Heros
Roof Rage
Wand Wars
Tricky Towers
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Mario Kart 8

Epic Battles

The following epic battles have been fought:

Date J0n4s M4r10 Chr1$ F4b1 Winner
11.10.2020 14 12 10 10 J0n4s
24.10.2020 19 20 25 10 Chr1$

Other Games

Some games are better than others. These are the games currently not in the Ten-Fight-Table but are generally suitable.

Game Settings Reason
Mario Party 4 Player -> Minigames -> Square Off Replaced by Tricky Towers
Bomberman Standard -> Battle -> Local Battle -> Create Room -> Battle Royal (4P, 3 Sets, 3min, Fixed Start, everything else on) General dislike by Team
Worms Armageddon Multiplayer -> local -> Full Wormage Scheme Slow Pace
Ultimate Chicken Horse N/A Disliked by Team
Nidhogg2 Local -> Tournament -> Double Elimination = Off -> Time Limit 3min Only 2 Players play at once and very long battles possible
Smash Bros Smash -> Smash -> zocki10 (Stock 5, 6min, FS Meter = off, Spirits = on, Stage = random, Items = med, 2wins) -> random map Replaced by Brawlhalla and Roof Rage
Broforce Versus Mulitplayer to chaotic
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