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The following is an example game play with three players. Read the rules first.

Preparing the game:

  • Put 3x25 = 75 stones in the central stash.
  • All players agree to play the default of 10 games.
  • All players 6 stones from the central stash.
  • Player 1 rolls the highest total number with 3 dice (1+4+5=10) and may start the game. Player 1 receives an extra stone.

First game:

  • Player 1 starts the game and bets on rolling a Wunsch. Player 1 then proceeds to roll 1,2,5 which is das Unvermeidliche and therefore loses 2 stones. Player 1 started with 7 stones and now has 5. Now it is the next players turn.
  • The 2nd player predicts an Einhorn and rolls a 1,3,6 and therefore gains 5 stones as well as the unicorn figure.
  • The 3rd player choses to not predict anything and rolls 2,2,2 which is Dreifaltigkeit. In this case the player gains one stone.
  • It is player 1 turn again and predicts das Unvermeidliche, then rolls 3,1,4 which is das Unvermeidliche. Player 2 takes one stone from the central stash.
  • Player 2 now has the Einhorn and predicts das Unvermeidliche as well and rolls 4,5,6 which is das Unvermeidliche. Player 2 takes the 2 stones from player 1 instead of the central stash.

The game goes on like this until, in our example, player 2 loses the first game. At this point player 1 has 8 stones and player 3 has 4 stones.

The Einhorn is now returned (player 3 had it last) and placed on the dice tray. The Einhorn is now open for auction. Since this is the first game and player 2 lost the game there are no stones to bet with for this player. Player 1 bets 3 stones and player 3 bets 1 stone. Both players put the stones they bet in the central stash and player 1 receives the unicorn figure. Player 1 now has 8-3=5 stones in their own stone stash and player 3 has 4-1 stones in their stash.

All players now receive 6 new stones. Player 1 decides to add 2 stones from the own stash to the current play stash. Player 1 now has 4 stones remaining in their own stash and 6+2=8 stones to play with in this game as well as the unicorn figure. Both other players do not add stones and start with 6 stones.

Player 1 with the unicorn figure starts the new game and the game continues.

At the end of game 10, player 1 has 20 stones, player 2 has 15 stones and player 3 has 30 stones. Player 3 therefore wins the game.