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Welcome to ^^

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d88P  Y88b          888        d88888 888  "88b d8888   
888    888          888       d88P888 888  .88P   888   
888    888 888  888 8888888  d88P 888 8888888K.   888   
888    888 `Y8bd8P' 888     d88P  888 888  "Y88b  888   
888    888   X88K   888    d88P   888 888    888  888   
Y88b  d88P .d8""8b. 888   d8888888888 888   d88P  888   
 "Y8888P"  888  888 888  d88P     888 8888888P" 8888888 

Publishing my stuff in a documentation/book format has been great exercise and helps me stay organized. As long as this works well for me I will continue doing so.

The content may appear random as it is basically everything I find interesting and noteworthy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Use the navigation on the left to find the topics of interest or try the search bar with a keyword.

The content of this site is mainly written in english aside of some very few german posts. I hope you appreciate the lack of adds and pop-ups as well as a reference to the most suitable xkcd or meme per topic, if available. Enjoy the content and find your visit worthwhile :)

Regards, 0xfab1

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